The reason for these pages is my life-long connection to Coulsdon and St. Andrew’s Church. I was born in St. Andrew’s Road, Coulsdon and christened at St Andrew’s. I sang in the choir there, was Assistant Organist and twice I was Director of Music. I even got married there!

These pages contain old postcards of Coulsdon, Surrey, paintings, photos and a potted history of St. Andrew’s Church, Coulsdon, most detailed in the years leading up to its creation. Navigate the links below to explore. Postcards of Coulsdon are on this page.


Temperance Hotel, Brighton Road, Coulsdon

St. Andrew’s Photos

St Andrew’s Paintings

St Andrew’s History 1882-1913

St Andrew’s History 1914-1939

St Andrew’s History 1940-2015

St Andrew's Photos
St Andrew's Paintings
St Andrew's History 1882-1913
St Andrew's History 1914-1939
St. Andrew's History 1940-2015
Main church website

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