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On this page you can listen to my many compositions for piano. Do enquire if you would like the music of any of the pieces. Piano pupils have access to all. Click here for my choral pieces. Enjoy! Jo

Book Three – Daniel’s Appendicitis Blues (Grades 4-6)

Coca-Cola Chloe What can I Say?LornaSami’s SongHelenaBruce’s Bread & Butter RagJennaArianaMarmalade MarkElena’s LullabyAnjaliDaniel’s Appendicitis BluesBlue LizzieKirstieLauRenFfionBallade for BrendaOlivia

Book Two – Vinyl Matt Blues (Grades 2-5)

Prelude for PaulaSharon’s WaltzJuicy-Fruit LucyEleanor’s ElegyDaniel’s DaydreamChop Suey LouisKit-KatKatieJamieLydiaLaila’s WayJazz for JamesNatalieWatermelon EllenEight for KateVinyl Matt BluesMark’s Mysterious Meringue

Book One – Pink Elephant Blues (Grades 1-3)

Amy’s Disco Monika’s Maze Dazzl’em Daniel The Rosie Blues Sam’s Salami SandwichClaire’s Éclair Elizabeth’s Energetic Encore Sean’s SuspenseBanana Bread Becky Pink Elephant Blues Elinore’s Sequential Descent Kristina (On TeideMountain) Jamie’s Cactus Stomp Sarah’s Sevenths Cathy’s Challenge SophieMonika’s Musical MischiefPeter’s Pumpkin-Pie PizzaGreen Tomato Blues

Beginner Pieces

Angry AngusAngelic AngusCristabel’s WaltzClare’s AirEllis’ WaltzDaniel’s DreamThe Victoria LineThe Victoria FallsJenna’s Mistake

Other Piano Pieces

Nocturne in EPrelude in F

Christmas Arrangements

A Bluesy Merry ChristmasA Crazy Merry Christiemas

The Rosie Blues IIThe Rosie Blues IIIPlay it again SamOlivia’s Oily RagRaspberry Ripple RachelJacquelineEmily-RoseImogenMiss K WildingExpressive EleanorPrelude in F#minorGabby-FunkyGabby-Funky Disco MixAlfieHip Hop HattieHanna’s TurnEloise ain’t got no fleasElephant EllenPrelude in D minorLucyGrace NotesAdaserJeff’s Jig

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